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Туманы Пандарии: Косметические Символы Жрецов
by: Proniy - 23.06.2012 - 12:48

World of WarCraft  Косметические СимволыВ World of WarCraft: Mists of Pandaria предусмотрено достаточное количество символов для косметического изменения анимации тех или иных заклинаний и способностей у различных классов.
Сегодня мы рассмотрим символы, способствующие изменения анимации у Жрецов.

Glyph of Shadow Ravens - Визуализация Темных сфер заменяется моделькой Темного Ворона.
Glyph of Borrowed Time - Способность Лишнее Время получает собственную анимацию
Анимация Жрецов World of WarCraftАнимация Жрецов World of WarCraft

Glyph of Shadowy Friends - Ваша теневая форма теперь распространяется и на ваших небоевых спутников
Glyph of the Val'kyr - Теперь при срабатывании способности Дух Воздаяния вы принимаете облик Белой Валькиры Воительницы
Анимация Жрецов World of WarCraftАнимация Жрецов World of WarCraft

Glyph of Holy Resurrection - Священный свет будет окутывать вашу цель, пока вы произносите заклинание Воскрешения
Glyph of Shackle Undead - Меняет анимацию при накладывании заклинания Сковывание Нежити
Анимация Жрецов World of WarCraftАнимация Жрецов World of WarCraft

Glyph of Confession - Открывает вам способность Исповедь, использование которой заставляет дружественную цель раскрыть вам свой секрет
Анимация Жрецов World of WarCraft

Далее представлен список ответов целей, на которых применяется способность Исповедь (пока что на английском языке, т.к. русская локализация не окончательна):

1 For a long time, I thought the plural of anecdote WAS data.
2 I always forget to gem my gear.
3 I always wanted to be a paladin.
4 I ask for the Light to give me strength, but I'm not sure it really does.
5 I asked a friend for gold to buy my first mount.
6 I dabble in archaeology, but I'm just not that interested in history.
7 I died to an elevator once. Maybe more than once.
8 I don't know if Milhouse is a good guy or not.
9 I don't really have a clue who the Sin'dorei are.
10 I don't really remember you in the mountains.
11 I don't treat all of my mounts equally.
12 I fell off of Dalaran.
13 I find all these names with so many apostrophes so confusing.
14 I forgot the Sunwell.
15 I go into dungeons not to make Azeroth a better place, but just for loot.
16 I have "borrowed" things from my guild bank.
17 I have stood in the fire.
18 I haven't been in a barber shop in months. Goblins with scissors. Shudder.
19 I know he's a jerk, but there's something about Garrosh...
20 I light things on fire and yell BY FIRE BE PURGED when nobody is looking.
21 I never use the lightwell.
22 I once punched a gnome. No reason. I was just having a bad day.
23 I once took a bow that a hunter wanted.
24 I outbid a friend on an auction for something I didn't really want.
25 I really wasn't prepared. Who knew?
26 I said I had been in the dungeon before, but i had no idea what I was doing. It was embarassing.
27 I saw a mage cast a spell once and my jaw really did drop at the damage.
28 I sometimes forget if Northrend is north or south of here.
29 I sometimes use my mount to travel really short distances. I mean REALLY short.
30 I sometimes wonder if tauren taste like... you know.
31 I spent six months chasing the Time-Lost Proto-Drake.
32 I thought pandaren were a type of furbolg.
33 I told my raid leader that I was ready, but I wasn't really ready.
34 I wasn't really at the opening of Ahn'Qiraj, I just read about it. (thanks Stonehearth)
35 I went into Alterac Valley and didn't help my team at all.
36 Oh, I took the candle.
37 Sometimes I ask for a warlock to summon me when I'm really not that far away.
38 Sometimes when I'm questing, I want to be alone, so I pretend I can't hear my friends.
39 This is just a setback.
40 Troll toes sort of creep me out.



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